Welcome to the website of DLZ »Zelezna cesta« railway enthusiasts society of Ljubljana!

The English page is a shortened version of the full Slovenian website, however it contains recent news and all relevant information regarding our past, current and future activities and sections, organized public events including model railway flea markets, and our Society itself. Links to photo galleries are provided as well. We try hard to keep the website as well as the English page up to date.

This page starts with the most important information: the public event calendar of DLZ »Zelezna cesta« for this year and detailed information regarding the main types of public events we organize and/or participate in.

The calendar and events description are followed by background information regarding our Society, its mission and activities.

At the bottom of this page you will find detailed location and contact information, as well as a web contact form to get in touch or to visit us. Should you have any general questions or require further information, you are welcome to get in touch, especially through the online form (fastest method). We strive to reply promptly.

Enjoy your stay and visit us at the Museum of Slovenian Railways during public events!

Kind regards,
DLZ “Zelezna cesta”

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Public Events

One of our main activities is the organization of railway-oriented events that are open to general public. Some of these events have a long tradition. Our main regular events are the DLZ »Museum Events« and DLZ »Model Railway Flea Market and Railway Enthusiasts Get-togethers«, known only as »flea markets« in the past, now with several extra activities. We occasionally also organize excursions, trips and museum train rides. All events are open to public and are aimed at both adults and children.

¤ DLZ »Museum Events«

DLZ »Museum Events« are organized by our Society and are open to general public. They are generally held on the 3rd Saturday of the month around 5 times a year in the Museum of Slovenian Railways, which helps with organization of some of the activities offered. Since 2013 the Celje railway enthusiasts society helps organizing and executing the events as well. The events are meant to promote all railway related topics, as well as raise awareness about our technical heritage. A significant part of the program is aimed at children.

Visitors of DLZ »Museum Events« can visit our Modular H0 layout (1:87), ride on the garden steam railway (7.25” / 184 mm) and steam tractor. Museum additionally provides guided tours and occasionally organizes rides in a museum motorized track inspection vehicle. A real museum steam locomotive series 71 (narrow gauge) is usually in operation and other activities may be organized, depending on the occasion.

To see this year’s events, please check this page for our annual events calendar and get in touch for more information (Facebook or form at the bottom), since the calendar is in Slovenian language. We reply promptly.

See you at the Museum!

¤ DLZ »Model Railway Flea Market and Railway Enthusiasts Get-together«

DLZ »Model Railway Flea Market and Railway Enthusiasts Get-togethers« are organized twice a year by our Society. The events used to be called »Flea markets« in the past, however in recent years they have become a gathering of railway enthusiasts in general and have outgrown the original scope of a buy/sell/swap meet. Apart from the usual flea market atmosphere this is the opportunity to meet friends of railways and other enthusiast clubs from the neighboring countries as well.

The event is held either in the Museum of Slovenian Railways or in the Vir pri Domzalah Community Hall. During the event held in the Museum our Society and the Museum offer most of our usual activities, just like during the DLZ »Museum Events«.

The event is public. Sellers, buyers, visitors, railway enthusiasts – everybody is invited!

To see this year’s events, please check this page for our annual events calendar and get in touch for more information (Facebook or form at the bottom), since the calendar is in Slovenian language. We reply promptly.

See you there!

¤ Other Museum and DLZ Society events

The Museum of Slovenian Railways organizes one or two annual events: International Museum Day and Summer Museum Night. There is no admission fee on these two dates. Our Society supports the events by running our activities usually held during DLZ »Museum Events.«

To see this year’s events, please check this page for our annual events calendar and get in touch for more information (Facebook or form at the bottom), since the calendar is in Slovenian language. We reply promptly.

The Society occasionally organizes museum train rides, excursions and railway-oriented trips. We also attend public events held by neighboring Societies (especially in Croatia, Austria and Italy). In the event of such trips in 2013 the information and invitations will be published here when the details are known. Everybody is invited!

DLZ »Zelezna cesta« Society

We are the Railway enthusiasts society of Ljubljana, or Drustvo ljubiteljev zeleznic »ZELEZNA CESTA« (»Iron road«) in the local language. We are not a subject-specific society and welcome all railway enthusiasts that may either have general or very specific interest in railways and related topics. The topics we cover range from preservation of our technical heritage, museum locomotives, modern trains, infrastructure and details of various aspects of railroad operations, to model railroading in different size scales, exact miniaturized replica building and simply having fun with train-related activities.

The Society was formed in February 1991 and officially founded and registered on 11th April 1991. We have organized numerous public events in these years and supported the preservation of our technical heritage. After moving to a more permanent location at the Museum of Slovenian Railways in 2011 and especially in 2012 we have reinvigorated our activities after several years of stagnation.

There are several open projects running or in the planning stage. Among our activities is locomotive cleaning and help in the Museum, our Modular H0 layout (1:87, 32 meters owned, 25 meters in regular use), garden railway (7.25” / 184 mm, single track, double track planned), and model railway flea market organization (in 2014 the 39th and 40th markets will take place).

We started several new ambitious projects, such as the organization of railway-oriented events open to public, aimed at railway promotion and raising awareness about our technical heritage. At these »Museum Events« both children and adults visit our modular layout, ride on the garden railway and enjoy other activities such as riding a motorized track inspection vehicle or a real running steam locomotive.

We recently acquired a two-axle Jenbach diesel shunter DL-100 from Kolicevo karton d.o.o. paper company and plan to restore it to its initial condition.

The internal meetings and activities of our Society are in Slovene language, however we organize and execute several public events and activities each year that are open to general public and are often of great interest for foreigners – you are invited to visit us, we speak English and a few other languages as well!

All our activities are voluntary and are funded by our members and supported by material donations.

Contact and location information

The easiest and fastest way to contact us is by using the contact form below. We strive to reply promptly.

The DLZ “Zelezna cesta” railway enthusiasts society is located in the Museum of Slovenian Railways. Our address is

DLZ »Zelezna cesta«
Parmova 35
1000 Ljubljana

A detailed map of the Museum grounds shows all buildings and areas where activities take place. Also click here for a Google map of the area for easier access to the Museum.

We can be found at the address above during our monthly meetings, organized public events and internal activities. The Museum is approximately 50 meters away from the Parmova street, almost opposite of the Employment Service of Slovenia (ZRSZ). The main Museum building is the rotunda with museum track signals just by its entrance. We meet in the building just to the left after the parking gates.

Parking in the museum is free during our public events. You can also park on Parmova street and connecting alleys. Street parking is free on weekends and after 17.00 on workdays. The closest bus (Ljubljana public transportation – LPP) stop is Gospodarsko razstavisce on Dunajska street, served by more than 10 bus lines.

Visit, like and follow our Facebook page to be notified of upcoming events and get the latest information. Also follow this website (www.dlz.si) for most up to date information, new photos and documents.

We do not host our own forum, however we are present on the largest railway-oriented portal in Slovenia, Vlaki.info. By visiting the portal’s Forum you can find our own topic (DLZ »Zelezna cesta« Ljubljana, click for direct link), where the most relevant news and information, as well as photos, are published. You can also follow the Druzenje ob sejmu modelne zeleznice topics (click for sub-forum link) for our more model railroad-related posts, including flea markets.

You can also contact us using the contact form at the bottom of the page, or see us in person during one of our public events.

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