Welcome to the website of DLZ »Zelezna cesta« railway enthusiasts society of Ljubljana, Slovenia! We are active since early 1991 and are the oldest such club/society in the country. We are interested and actively deal with real as well as model railway, photography, meetings, technical heritage preservation and excursions.

Our activities are both internal and public (fairs, meetings). Internal club meetings are mostly in Slovenian language. However, we regularly participate at and host international meetings and are fluent in English. We invite you to browse the our photo galleries here and on our Facebook profile. You are also very welcome to get in touch in English or German, either through Facebook (preferred) or through the form below. We are prompt with our replies and will do our best to answer all your questions or point you to the right direction.

You may get in touch regardless of whether you are interested in our club and its activities/events themselves, or just need advice or information on other railway related topics in Slovenia in general.

Due to the coronavirus situation in the country, all public activities are suspended until further notice.

The DLZ “Zelezna cesta” railway enthusiasts society is located in the Museum of Slovenian Railways. Our address is

DLZ »Zelezna cesta«
Parmova 35
SI-1000 Ljubljana

Most public activities take place on the Museum grounds. The Museum is located approximately 50 meters away from Parmova street, almost opposite of the Employment Service of Slovenia (ZRSZ). The main Museum building is the rotunda, marked here in Google maps, with semaphore signals in front by the entrance. Parking in the museum is free during our public events. You can also park on Parmova street and connecting alleys. Street parking is free on weekends and after 19.00 on workdays. The closest bus (Ljubljana public transportation – LPP) stop is Gospodarsko razstavisce on Dunajska street, served by more than 10 bus lines.

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